Snow Grabber Plus

The Snow Grabber Plus is a ‘non-studded’ winter tyre from General Tire, specially designed for SUV and 4×4 vehicles. Grip, traction, and driving and breaking properties are retained in even the most extreme, wintery conditions. Thanks to the special rubber composition with ‘silicia’, the rubber also remains soft in very low temperatures, so the specific winter properties are retained.


    • Innovative traction characteristics offer excellent grip on snow.
    • Maximum protection against aquaplaning.
    • Shorter breaking distance, on dry and wet roads and on snow.


22575R 16104TFC272
23575R 15XL109TEC272
20570R 1596TEC272
21570R 16100HEC272
22570R 16103HEC272
23570R 16106TEC272
24570R 16107TEC272
26570R 16112HEC273
21565R 1698HEC272
21565R 1799V
22565R 17XL106HEC272
23565R 17XL108HEC272
21560R 1796HFC272
22560R 17XL103HEC272
23560R 17XL106HEC272
23560R 18XL107HEC272
23560R 18XL107VCC272
26560R 18XL114HEC273
22555R 18XL102VEC272
23555R 17XL103VEC272
23555R 18XL104HEC272
23555R 19XL105VEC272
25555R 18XL109HEC273
25555R 18XL109VEC273
25555R 19XL111VEC273
25550R 19XL107VEC273
25545R 20XL105VEC273
27545R 20XL110VEC273
27540R 20XL106VEC273