Grabber AT 3

The Grabber AT3 is a terrain tyre specially developed for drivers of SUVs, pick-ups, and 4x4s who want to combine excellent terrain capacity and performance with comfort on paved roads. The Grabber AT3 delivers it all.


    • Exceptional off-road traction and grip on any terrain.
    • Suitable for any surface and all weather conditions.
    • Optimal comfort in this segment.


3110.51R 15109SFB275
23585R 16120/116SFB275
19580R 1596TFE272
20580R 16XL104TEE272
21580R 15112/109SFB275
20575R 1597TFE272
21575R 15100TFE272
22575R 15102TFE272
22575R 16XL108HEE272
22575R 16115/112SFB275
23575R 15110/107SFB275
24575R 15113/110SFB275
24575R 16120/116SFB275
20570R 1596TFE272
20570R 15106/104SFB275
21570R 16100TFE272
22570R 15100TFE272
22570R 16103TFE272
22570R 17XL108TEE272
22570R 17115/112SFB275
23570R 16110/107SFB275
23570R 17XL111HEE272
24570R 16XL111HEE272
24570R 16113/110SFB275
24570R 17XL114TEE272
25570R 15XL112TEE273
25570R 16120/117SFB275
26570R 15112TEE273
26570R 16112HFE273
26570R 16121/118SEB275
26570R 17115TEE273
26570R 17121/118SEB275
28570R 17116/113S0000
31570R 17121/118S0000
21565R 16103/100SFB275
22565R 17102HFE272
23565R 17XL108HFE272
23565R 17XL108VEC272
24565R 17XL111HEE272
25565R 16109HFE273
25565R 17114/110SFB275
26565R 17112HFE273
26565R 17120/117SEB275
26565R 18114TFE273
26565R 18117/114SEB275
28565R 17121/118SEB275
21560R 1796HFE272
23560R 16100HFE272
23560R 18XL107HEE272
25560R 18XL112HEE273
25560R 18112/109SFB275
25560R 19XL113V0000
26560R 18110HEE273
26560R 18119/116SFB275
27560R 20115HFE273
28560R 18116HEE275
28560R 18118/115SFB275
23555R 1799HFE272
23555R 18XL104HFE272
23555R 19XL105HEE272
25555R 18XL109HFE273
25555R 19XL111HEE273
25555R 20XL110HEE273
27555R 20XL117HEE273
25550R 19XL107HEE273
26550R 20XL111V0000
30550R 20XL120T0000
27545R 20XL110HEE273
27545R 20XL110VEC273
27545R 21XL110V0000
27540R 20XL106HFE273
27540R 20XL106VEC273
27540R 22XL108V0000
205R 16110/108SFB275