XP 2000 Winter

The XP 2000 Winter is specially developed for the larger SUVs and 4×4 models. The tyre guarantees stable, sturdy grip on the road and also retains optimal steering in turns. The XP Winter is a real winter tyre and functions optimally in all wintery circumstances, but the driving and breaking properties on a dry surface are also reliable and the car always feels comfortable. The four continuous length grooves ensure quick and effective water and snow drainage, which means the risk of aquaplaning is much reduced with the XP 2000. The sturdy profile design with continuous rows of shoulder studs to the sides guarantees stable and predictable driving behaviour.


    • Stable and comfortable driving behaviour
    • Optimal grip on a wet or snowy road
    • Reduced risk of aquaplaning
    • Reliable general driving and breaking properties
    • Good performance on dry road.


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