Grabber HTS60

The Grabber HTS60 is the optimal combination of properties for off-road and on-road driving. The balanced tyre composition and the profile design provide reliable performance on all surfaces and in all conditions.


    • Excellent driving properties and exceptional grip with off-road driving.
    • Comfortable on rough terrain and paved roads.
    • Higher mileage possible with on-road driving thanks to improved lifespan of the tread.


3110.50R 15109RFC272
23585R 16120/116REC272
22575R 16SL104SEE271
24575R 16SL111SEE271
24575R 16120/116SEC272
26575R 15SL112SEC272
26575R 16SL116TEC272
23570R 16SL106TEE271
23570R 17XL111TEE272
24570R 17SL110TEE271
25570R 15SL108SEC272
25570R 16SL111SEC272
26570R 16SL112TEC272
26570R 17SL115SEC272
26570R 18SL116TEC272
23565R 17XL108HEE272
24565R 17SL107HEE271
24565R 17SL107VEE271
24565R 17XL111TEE272
25565R 16SL109HEC272
26565R 17SL112TEC272
26565R 17SL112HEC272
26565R 18SL114TEC272
28565R 17SL116HEC274
23560R 18SL103HEE271
24560R 18SL105HEE271
26560R 18SL110TEC272
26560R 18SL110HEC272
27560R 20XL119TEC273
25555R 20SL107HEC272
28545R 22XL114HEC275