Grabber GT

The Grabber GT is specially developed for powerful SUVs and all-terrain vehicles and has more to offer than just a tough profile. The off-road driving and breaking properties, grip and traction, and the steering response are impressive. The on-road performances are also more than sufficient to guarantee a comfortable experience on paved roads.


    • Maximum off-road performance on any terrain.
    • Excellent driving and breaking properties on dry and wet roads.
    • Optimal driving comfort thanks to decreased noise level.


19580R 1596HEC271
20580R 16XL104TEC272
23575R 15XL109TEC272
20570R 1596HEC271
21570R 16100HEC271
22570R 16103HEC271
23570R 16106HEC271
24570R 16107HEC271
25570R 16111HEC272
26570R 16112HEC272
21565R 1698HEC271
21565R 1698VEC271
21565R 16XL102HEC272
22565R 17102HEC271
22565R 17102VEC271
23565R 17XL108VEC272
24565R 17XL111VEC272
25565R 16109HEC272
25565R 17110HEC272
26565R 17112HEC272
21560R 1796HEC271
21560R 1796VEB271
22560R 1799VEC271
22560R 18100HEC271
23560R 16100VEC271
23560R 17102VEB271
23560R 18XL107WEC272
25560R 17106VEC272
25560R 18XL112VEC273
21555R 18XL99VCB272
22555R 1797VEC271
22555R 1898VEC271
22555R 19XL103VEC272
23555R 1799HEC271
23555R 1799VEC271
23555R 18100HEC271
23555R 18100VEC271
23555R 19XL105WEC272
25555R 18XL109YEC273
25555R 19XL111VEC273
27555R 17109VEC272
23550R 1897VEC271
23550R 1999VEB271
25550R 19XL107YEC273
25550R 20XL109YCB273
26550R 19XL110YEC273
25545R 20XL105WEC273
26545R 20XL108YEC273
27545R 19XL108YEC273
27545R 20XL110YEC273
28545R 19XL111WEC275
27540R 20XL106YEC273
27540R 22XL108YCB273
28535R 23XL107YCB275
29535R 21XL107YEC275