Grabber AS 365

The Grabber AS 365 is an All-Season tyre specially for SUVs. The AS 365 combines the sturdy and tough 4×4 properties with reliable road performance. The driving and breaking properties are reliable and predictable under all circumstances. The grip and steering precision are even retained at higher speeds, so the car retains optimal control. The All-Season properties guarantee the right properties throughout the year, in summer and winter conditions.


    • The right driving and breaking characteristics throughout the year.
    • Comfortable at all speeds and in all road conditions.
    • Safe on wet roads, good on snow.


22565R 17102VEC272
23565R 17XL108VEC272
21560R 1796HFC272
23560R 18XL107VEC272
21555R 18XL99V
23555R 17XL103V
23555R 19XL105WEC272
25555R 18XL109VEC273
25550R 19XL107VEC273