Eurovan Winter 2

The Eurovan Winter 2 is the winter tyre for delivery vans. The specific winter properties are also retained with maximum load. Thanks to the optimised grip and shortened breaking distance, the delivery van retains good steering on snow. Even with sudden dodging and breaking on snow, the European Winter 2 will respond strongly to used steering manoeuvres.


    • More traction and better breaking performance on snow.
    • Good breaking performance on wet roads.
    • Excellent stability in turns, even with heavy load.


19575R 16107/105REC273
20575R 16110/108REC273
21575R 16113/111REC273
19570R 15104/102REC273
21570R 15109/107REC273
22570R 15112/110REC273
19565R 16104/102REC273
20565R 16107/105REC273
21565R 16109/107REC273
22565R 16112/110REC273
23565R 16115/113REC273
19560R 16099/097R
21560R 16103/101REC273
185R 14102/100QEC273