Eurovan 2

The European 2 of General Tire is optimised for delivery vans and other light company vehicles. The enhanced composition generates optimal stability. The profile construction decreases rolling resistance and the rolling noise and increases the driving comfort. The tread of the European 2 is developed for frequent and intense use with maximum load.


    • Increased tyre and profile construction for heavy load.
    • Safety on wet roads thanks to reduced risk of aquaplaning.
    • Reliable driving and breaking properties.


18575R 16104/102REC272
19575R 16107/105REC272
20575R 16110/108REC272
21575R 16113/111REC272
22575R 16121/120REC272
16570R 14089/087REC272
17570R 14095/093TEC272
19570R 15104/102REC272
21570R 15109/107REC272
21570R 15109/107SEC272
22570R 15112/110REC272
17565R 14090/088TEC272
19565R 16104/102TEC272
20565R 16107/105TEC272
21565R 15104/102TEC272
21565R 16109/107REC272
21565R 16109/107TEC272
22565R 16112/110REC272
23565R 16115/113REC272
21560R 16103/101TEC272
185R 14102/100QEC272
195R 14106/104QEC272
195R 15106/104REC272