Altimax Winter 3

The Altimax Winter 3 is an optimised, ‘non-studded’ winter tyre for cars. The renewed winter profile offers strong grip on snow and ice with improved tread technologies providing the maximum contact surface of the tyre with the ground. The special winter rubber composition retains – even in extremely low temperatures – all properties for optimal functioning in wintery circumstances.


    • Strong grip on snow and ice thanks to tread technologies.
    • Excellent performance on snowy and wet roads.
    • Improved driving and breaking performance on dry roads.


15580R 1379TFC271
15570R 1375TFC271
16570R 1379TFC271
16570R 1481TFC271
17570R 1382TFC271
17570R 1484TFC271
15565R 1475TFC271
16565R 1479TFC271
17565R 1482TFC271
17565R 1584TFC271
18565R 1486TFC271
18565R 1588TEC271
18565R 15XL92TEC271
19565R 1591TEC272
19565R 15XL95HEC272
20565R 1594TEC272
18560R 1482TFC271
18560R 15XL88TFC271
19560R 1588TEC272
20560R 1692HEC272
20560R 16XL96HEC272
21560R 16XL99HEC272
18555R 1582TFC271
19555R 1585HEC272
19555R 1687HFC272
20555R 1691TEC272
20555R 1691HEC272
20555R 16XL94HEC272
21555R 16XL97HEC272
21555R 17XL98VEC272
22555R 16XL99HEC272
22555R 17XL101VEC272
19550R 1582HEC272
20550R 17XL93VEC272
21550R 17XL95VEC272
22550R 17XL98VEC272
22545R 17XL94HEC272
22545R 17XL94VEC272
22545R 18XL95VEC272
23545R 18XL98VEC272
24545R 18XL100VEC272
24545R 19XL102V
22540R 18XL92VEC272
24540R 18XL97VEC272