Altimax Sport

The General Tire Altimax Sport guarantees optimal driving comfort and maximum safety with athletic driving. The driving and breaking properties are also impressive when taking sharp and ‘fast’ turns or with sudden dodging. The car is also very controllable on wet roads. By using a new rubber composition, the tyre is quieter and has a lower rolling resistance. This benefits the comfort and lifespan.


    • Precise steering, driving, and breaking behaviour with athletic driving.
    • Short breaking distance on dry and wet roads.
    • Lower fuel usage and higher mileage possible.


18555R 1480HEC270
18555R 16XL87HEC271
20555R 1588VEC271
20555R 17XL95VEC272
22555R 1695VEC271
22555R 1695YEC271
22555R 16XL99YEC272
22555R 1797YEC271
22555R 17XL101YEC272
23555R 17XL103WCB272
19550R 16XL88VEC272
20550R 1687YEC271
22550R 1692YEC271
24550R 1799YEC271
19545R 1578VEC271
20545R 16XL87WEC272
21545R 16XL90VEB272
23545R 18XL98YEC272
24545R 1795YEC271
24545R 17XL99YEC272
24545R 1998YEC271
24545R 20XL103YEC272
25545R 18XL103YEC273
20540R 17XL84YEC272
21540R 17XL87YEC272
21540R 18XL89YEC272
22540R 19XL93YEC272
23540R 19XL96YCB272
24540R 1791YEC271
24540R 19XL98YEC272
25540R 18XL99YEC273
27540R 1899YEC272
27540R 19101YEC272
22535R 19XL88YEC272
24535R 18XL92YEC272
25535R 18XL94YEC273
26535R 18XL97YEC273
27535R 1895YEC272