Altimax One / Altimax One S

The Altimax One and Altimax One S guarantee comfort and safety with excellent grip on dry and wet roads. The much improved rubber composition in combination with the flat tread generates more steering precision and a shorter breaking distance. The lifespan is also very much improved.


    • More grip, increased safety on dry and wet roads.
    • Extra protection against the risk of aquaplaning.
    • Longer lifespan and higher mileage possible.


17565R 1584T
17565R 1584H
18565R 1588TCB270
18565R 1588HCB270
18565R 15XL92TCB271
19565R 1591TCB271
19565R 1591HCB271
19565R 1591VCB271
19565R 15XL95TCB272
19565R 15XL95HCB272
20565R 1594H
20565R 1594V
15560R 1574TEB270
16560R 1577H
18560R 15XL88HCB271
19560R 1588HCB271
19560R 1588VCB271
19560R 1689V
20560R 1692HCB271
20560R 16XL96WCB272
21560R 16XL99HCB272
21560R 16XL99VCB272
17555R 1577T
18555R 1582VCB270
19555R 1585HCB271
19555R 1585VCB271
19555R 1687HCB271
19555R 1687VCB271
19555R 20XL95H
20555R 1691HCB271
20555R 1691VCB271
20555R 1691WEB271
20555R 16XL94VCB272
20555R 17XL95V
21555R 1693VCB271
21555R 16XL97YCB272
21555R 16XL97WCB272
21555R 1794VCB271
21555R 17XL98WCB272
22555R 1695VCB271
22555R 16XL99Y
22555R 1797Y
22555R 17XL101Y
23555R 17XL103Y
18550R 1681VEB270
19550R 1582VCB271
19550R 16XL88VCB272
20550R 17XL93YCB272
21550R 17XL95YCB272
22550R 17XL98YCB272
23550R 1796Y
19545R 16XL84VCB272
20545R 1683WCB271
20545R 17XL88YCB272
21545R 16XL90VCB272
21545R 17XL91YCB272
21545R 18XL93Y
22545R 1791YEB271
22545R 17XL94YCB272
22545R 18XL95YCB272
22545R 19XL96WCB272
23545R 17XL97YCB272
23545R 18XL98Y
24545R 17XL99YCB272
24545R 18XL100YCB272
24545R 19XL102YCB272
25545R 18XL103YCB273
25545R 19XL104Y
20540R 17XL84WCB272
21540R 17XL87Y
21540R 18XL89Y
22540R 18XL92YEB272
22540R 19XL93Y
23540R 18XL95YCB272
24540R 18XL97YCB272
24540R 19XL98Y
24540R 20XL99Y
25540R 18XL99YCB273
25540R 19XL100YCB273
25540R 20XL101Y
27540R 18XL103Y
27540R 19101Y
22535R 18XL87Y
22535R 19XL88YCB272
23535R 19XL91YEB272
24535R 18XL92Y
24535R 19XL93YEB272
24535R 20XL95Y
25535R 18XL94YCB273
25535R 19XL96YCB273
25535R 20XL97YCB273
26535R 18XL97Y
26535R 19XL98YCB273
26535R 20XL99Y
27535R 1895Y
27535R 20XL102Y
25530R 19XL91Y
27530R 19XL96Y
29530R 20XL101YCB275