Altimax Comfort

The name already says it all. The Climax Comfort guarantees a quiet and comfortable drive. The focus for the Climax Comfort is on luxury and relaxation. Naturally, the driving and breaking properties, grip and traction, and the general control are high level. As you can expect from a modern, high-tech tyre. Thanks to the unique rubber composition, the tyre has a decreased rolling resistance, making lower fuel consumption possible.


    • Shorter breaking distance, comfortable driving characteristics.
    • Very good steering response on wet roads and low chance of aquaplaning
    • Low fuel usage and higher mileage possible.


13580R 1370TEC270
14580R 1375TEC270
15580R 1379TEC270
17580R 1488TEC270
14570R 1371TEC270
15570R 1375TEC270
16570R 1379TEC270
16570R 1481TEC270
16570R 14XL85TEC271
17570R 1382TEC270
17570R 1484TEC270
17570R 14XL88TEC271
18570R 1488TEC270
15565R 1373TEC270
15565R 1475TEC270
16565R 1377TEC270
16565R 1479TEC270
16565R 1581TEC270
17565R 1380TEC270
17565R 1482TEC270
17565R 1482HEB270
17565R 14XL86TEC271
17565R 1584TEC270
17565R 1584HEC270
18565R 1486TEC270
18565R 1486HEC270
20565R 1594HEC271
21565R 1596TEC271
16560R 1475HEC270
17560R 1581HEC270
18560R 1482HEC270
20560R 1591HEC271
20560R 1591VEC271
21560R 16XL99VEC272