Altimax AS 365

The Altima AS 365 is the All-Season tyre for personal vehicles. The combination of optimised summer and winter properties in one tyre guarantees optimal driving and breaking properties throughout the year. The tyre also offers optimal protection against aquaplaning with heavy rain. The Altima AS 365 gives reliable performances in all seasons and all weather conditions.


    • Optimised for summer and winter weather.
    • Good traction and breaking performance on dry and wet roads.
    • Maximum protection against aquaplaning, excellent grip on snow.


16570R 1481TFC271
17570R 14XL88TFC271
15565R 1475TFC271
16565R 1479TFC271
17565R 1482TFC271
17565R 1482HFC271
17565R 1584HFC271
18565R 1486TFC271
18565R 1486HFC271
18565R 1588HEC271
19565R 1591HFC272
21565R 1698VEC271
16560R 1475HFC271
18560R 1482HFC271
18560R 15XL88HFC271
19560R 1588HEC272
20560R 1591HFC272
20560R 16XL96HEC272
18555R 1480HFC271
19555R 1585HFC272
19555R 1687VFC272
20555R 1691HEC272
20555R 16XL94VEC272
21555R 16XL97VEC272
19550R 1582HFC272
20550R 17XL93W
22550R 17XL98WEC272
19545R 16XL84VEC272
22545R 17XL94VEC272
22540R 18XL92Y